Saturday, May 31, 2014

Wildwood Park Saratoga

We have been discovery all the new parks in Saratoga. Sophia is really enjoying it. Cooper is down for anything of course. I love how she gets super serious when she compares the parks. She is just growing up so fast. She climbs up the structures and it makes my stomach sink. I have to remember to let her be a big girl and try news things.

Even Revel joined us on this trip. I don't think he loved me taking his picture playing on the playground. He was a good sport and went down the super scary slide with Cooper. Both of the kids love having their uncles around all of the time.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Week at the Hospital...

I really love the days at the hospital. Call me crazy I know. I am not saying it is all fun and games, but having all the help is really nice. I do have to say that this being my second child the nurses gave me my space. I would only see them when it was time for my pain medication. It was a very peaceful first couple of days. We had an amazing nurse that was with us for three of the days. She thought Cooper was the sweetest thing and would walk around with him at night to give me a time to shower when Shawn was not there. She was so kind and made us feel like VIP patients.

We had lots of family and friends visit. It was nice to have all the love and support. Even Sophia got to come and visit. She thought that was pretty dang cool. She brought her own little doctor kit and gave everyone multiple check-ups.

I do cherish the nights when it is just me and the baby. He was such a snuggly little thing. I would  be just lay there and stare at his sweet little face. I am getting emotional about it just writing this. I know he will most likely be our last baby and I tried to cherish every little moment and not rush anything.

Bringing him home and having two kids to take care of I know is going to be a new challenge.....

Friday, December 7, 2012

Cooper Henry

The morning Cooper was born Shawn and I were pretty calm. More anxious to meet him than nervous. We had a scheduled c-section, which was the best thing ever, and our appt was at 10a. When we finally got to the hospital things were moving at a very nice slow pace. It took them forever to get my iv in, but after multiple attempts and some whining from me I got them to avoid my hand and put it in my arm. You would have thought they were cutting one of my fingers off I was complaining so much about the pain in my hand. I of course was fasting before the surgery and when they took my blood sugar right before I was supposed to wheeled in all things came to a screeching stop. There was no way the nurses were going to let my into the OR with a blood sugar reading of 62. Oops! After two hours and some bags to get my blood sugar up I was finally ready to go. We were going to finally meet our baby.

 I had a semi-emergency c-section with Sophia so things went super fast. I swear she was born within 15 minutes of me being wheeled into the OR. This time was much much different. I got the epidural, which took what felt like forever. Shawn was on a chair in front of me giving my feet a place to be stable. (This was way more involved for him than last time) All I could think about in this moment was wow this is nothing like the operating rooms in Grey's Anatomy. Why in the show do they have half of the lights off? There were so many lights on in this room I felt like I was on stage.

 I had a wonderful anesthesiologist that helped me from freaking out multiple times by doing some yoga breathing exercises. Normally I would say some negative comment about how I think yoga is a bunch of crap, but in that moment it sounded legit. It for sure helped me from having a mini panic attack while the dude behind me took FOREVER getting the line put into my back. Once I laid down I was feeling pretty good, until......the itching started! I seriously felt like there was something attacking my nose! Later that day I did notice I had rubbed it raw. I didn't get the shakes as bad like with Sophia, which was nice, just phantom ants all over my nose.

I delivered at Stanford, which for those who do not know is a teaching hospital. I am totally okay with this most of the time. I know that it is very important for these new doctors to get experience, but not in this case. When they started the procedure I heard them talking about things that were going on on the other side of the blue barrier. I was giggling with Shawn when I stopped and heard them talking about which organs they were moving around and setting to the side. Yikes!! It was all I could do not to start freaking out. I think the Yoga doc could tell I was freaking out because he asked me if I needed anything to calm down. Apparently my blood pressure was a wee bit high. You think?!?! Quit talking about my intestines and maybe I might calm down. Geez! When I finally heard Cooper cry all the freaking out stopped. He had the cutest little raspy cry. Little may not be the right word, it was pretty freaking loud! He was so prefect. My whole pregnancy the doctors were predicting a very large baby. They said he would be like 10 1/2 pounds. I was pleasantly surprised when he weighed in at 9 lbs 4 oz. I mean that is not an average baby size by any means but I was expecting a 3 month sized one. Ha! He was 21 1/2 inches tall and super cute!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sophia the Cheerleader

Sophia loves going to all of her aunt and uncles games. This particular game she was all about the cheerleaders. The girls were very nice to her and let her use their extra pom poms. She even started cheering and dancing. Adorable.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas morning

Sophia was super excited to see what Santa had left for her.

Xmas morning. This year Sophia was super excited to wake up and see what Santa had brought her. She put this skirt on and kept it on the entire morning. It was cracking me up. We had a nice relaxing morning and enjoyed watching Sophia open all her presents.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Xmas Eve

This year Sophia really understood the concept that Santa was actually coming and that we have to leave cookies for him. She was soooo into it and it makes Christmas Eve so much more special. She got to pick out the cookies and she thought that was the coolest thing ever. My mom and Mark came over to spend the night with us and Sophia very excited to share all of this Santa business with them. What a joy she is in our lives.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Xmas Cookies @ Auntie Shari's

This was Sophia's first year participating in the Christmas cookie decorating extravaganza. She was a little shy about it at first, but then she got into it. Shawn was into from the get go of course. Being around his sister always brings out the silly side of him. The kids had a great time and it is always nice to spend quality time with all of them.